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Fulad Mehr Sahand is now one of the largest pipe and profile manufacture in northwest of country and is located in 30 km of northwest of shahid salimi industrial zone,Tabriz. The factory executive operation began in 2008 at 3.5 hectares area and has been operating since 2009 of May. Over the past years nominal capacity during 3 part amendment is reached 275 thousand tons steel pipe and tubes production. Quality is the highest priority of copmany’s activities and market acceptance of products is the best reason of this claims. Despite the problem in the bussiness and lack of support from producer, attention to the social responsibilities such as job creation, preservation of environment, safety and health of employee, engagement and collaboration with organizations are our company’s schematization. Excellence in human resource as real assets, customer satisfaction and respect as the main benefactors, responsibility toward society is Fulad Mehr Sahand movement frame…

Message of director

In today's world where global trade issues hitting the border gate and have success in quality and advanced technology, management's role is undeniable ,Nowadays, as the development of industry and development in both the public and private spheres of influence in domestic and foreign markets need to have a new management service that is desirable. Obviously, the steel industry as well as a basic industry and parents who are part of the national economy is the driving Optimum utilization of human and material resources needed to upgrade and update the knowledge of managers and staff are constantly.

"Mohammad Mohajjel Emami"

"Board of director"

Perspective & Policy

Our target is to be a paramount factory in the field of steel section production, transcendental organization in human resource management and a committed citizen in order to implement social responsibilities all over the country.

Fulad Mehr Sahand co. with shining history in all kind of profile section production by cold milling method in Iran,in order to make value added for all beneficiaries , factory success and lasting survival in the competitive market with customer focus policy and Continuous Improvement,We express our commitment to the establishment and implementation of an integrated management system based on international standards for quality management system ISO: 9001 :2008 , Environmental management system ISO: 14001 : 2004 and occupational health and safety management system OHSAS 18001 : 2007 with following strategies:

To achieve customer and beneficiaries satisfaction

Creating a culture of continuous improvement and commitment to the organization processes, products and activities

Trying to increase Efficiency of production, variety of production and decrease the cost of products.

Upgrading common and proficiency ability of staffs and improve the Efficiency of human resource by effective training

Coefficient and reduce incidents , Workplace dangers and risks in order to control and reduce injuries and occupational diseases

trying to control and reduce the environmental impact of emission and increasing green space

Mohajjel Emami
Managing Director

Key Values

Our company will become a dynamic and visionary organization in the field of manufacturing and human resource management By employing creative , motivated and committed manpower , So that we can be Leader in the development of the steel industry and human resources management in the region and our country.

Special attention to the role and position of manpower in organization as a main capital

Believed to knowledge based organization In order to achieve defined goals and Implementation of the educational system.

Promoting culture of organizational responsibility ,commitment and cooperation with Attention to social responsibilities.

Operational planning and monitoring them properly to avoid waste resources.

The salary System (job classification) to match the needs of company with Capabilities of employees and also The pay fairness.

Periodical evaluation system for staff talent and Conversion of Potential ability into actual with encouragement and appreciation.

Polling System and periodic meetings of the managers in order to increase participation in decision making and improving the quality of work in labor relations.

Workplace health and safety system with Necessary education in order to Maintaining high standards of professional health.

Disciplinary system to respect the rights of employees and employer.

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Salimi Industrial Town, 35 km of Tabriz - Azarshahr road, Iran | PO Box: 154 - 53751