Quality in Mehr Steel

Quality in mehr steel in addition to costumer-oriented principle are two primary and strategic elements to constant costumer satisfaction and new costumer attraction. In a short while, this company has been successful to be one of the greatest profile manufacturers (open and close), that produces more than 110 different kinds of high quality products in the north-west of country. This was gained by applying and institutionalizing integrated management principles such as:

ISO 14001: 2004,OHSAS 18001: 2007, ISO 9001: 2008 and certification of integrated management system, getting whole national standards on manufactured products, having professional and expert managers, and training all of personnel for using world modern technologies.

Quality control section of this company, in order to its innate duty, samples and tests all ingredients as they are brought into the factory. Also quality control section does some process controls to assure that products are safe and best-seller.

Within the quality control system in the last years which was moving forward growth and progress, this section has been purchased, supplied, and established laboratory equipment.

Different kinds of controls that mehr steel does on its products are as followings:

  • Metalography
  • Rod test (cone) bending test
  • Rod test (test point) bending test
  • Felt tests (test bed) the control measures

Given the importance of the quality threshold in the spirit of the motto of the company's operations are affected by this matter. "For me, for you, for all " symbol of respect to the public interest rather than the interests of individuals and organizations through the production of quality products

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Salimi Industrial Town, 35 km of Tabriz - Azarshahr road, Iran | PO Box: 154 - 53751