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HSE in fulad mehr

Introduction and Definition of HSE

Hygienics and safety since 1885 has being raised with together. Where proposed safety , spoke hygiene and environment too. Safety topics proposed after industrial revolution cause increase statics of workers’ death eke hard work in coal mines and increase illness due to work among proletarian hygienics topics proposed too. In the next step discovered a correlation between illness and incident namely founded when worker gets sick than the incident raises or the event raise. And with increase illness it was increased too. Due to the importance of this subject we’ll see in U.S labor law that has been approved in 1970 , that included some parts about workers’ right and employer rights that they must know about hazard recognition and problems at workplace that it called “RIGHT TONO”. This issue is one of labor’s right and must be Raise awareness of the employer than worker know that they must be work in what environmental. In this case is created onus among employee that is HSE ‘s requirements and cause they can help Better to you as partner an compeer . I named this law “HSE Ergonomics” so generally it can be said safety is equivalent with security . In other words security of any organization or any work or even any country is depends on safety and Consideration these topics and techniques and applied science related on it.

Generally in definition of HSE proposed these dimension:

Technical and Medical

Cultural and social

Behavioral and psychological

Healthcare Management:

Healthcare Management is Investigate on Occupational health for develop healthy work condition through Create to science mechanism for hazard control and Consideration of topics such as individual hygiene and psychological hygiene and therapy of employers.

Environmental Management:

Protection of the human environment and natural

Monitoring of natural resources, especially non-renewable resources

Prevent environmental pollution and resource waste

Emission control and sanitation depot and discard in trash

Industrial hygiene:

This topic proposed to preventive of health and welfare of the people in the workplace with productive assessment and control of inappropriate environmental conditions or tensions that have a potentially conditions than Creation incident or accident or injury or make important treatment .

The HSE Policy of company :

Committee members :

Company Manager : Masoud Mahjal Emami

Head of H.S.E Unit : Javad Hojjatkhah

Production Manager : Arash Sadeghi

Technical and Engineering Manager : Mohammad Bagher Shakouri

Workers' Representative : Behnam Arbabi

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