Usage   of  Rebar

The rebar is generally used to reinforce concrete and rock structures in the tensile strength of steel bars.

This product is manufactured by using a variety of steel products during the hot rolling process. Most bars are made of freshly made steel, but sometimes steel scrap is also used to produce rebar.


 - What is rebar:

Rebar is a steel used in concrete to compensate for its low tensile strength. The steel used for this purpose in reinforced concrete structures is in the form of wire or rebar and is called rebar steel. Of course, in certain cases, structural steel such as shaped profiles, studs or cans are also used to reinforce concrete.


- applications :

Directional rebar:

To increase the tensile strength of concrete.


To strengthen the shear strength of the braces and the complete connection between the longitudinal and bracing rods


To place two consecutive horizontal grids at regular intervals inside the formwork (in floor and foundation concreting)


To hold longitudinal or vertical reinforcements in concreting walls and slabs (حرف in the form of the letter u‌) or between two reinforcement tables (mesh)



In reinforced concrete beams, due to the weakness of concrete against tensile forces, steel rebars are placed in the tensile zone. In reinforced concrete beams, the bending stress is borne by the reinforcing rebars and the bending pressure is borne by the compressive zone concrete. While there is complete adhesion between concrete and steel and the rebars do not slip inside the concrete.


- Types of rebars in appearance:

Simple rebar

Ribbed rebar

The rebars produced are simple and ribbed. In the ribbed type, the treads are transverse and are visible all over the rebar. There are different types of treads.


- Types of rebars based on old standard and analysis:

Rebar A1

Rebar A2

Rebar A3

A4 rebar

In the market, rebars are known by these names.


- Types of rebars based on current standard and analysis:

240 S 240 rebar (simple rebar)

3 340 tread rebar (helical ribbed rebar)

400 400 rebar (ribbed ribbed rebar)

Tread rebar 500 (composite ribbed rebar)

Currently, all market rebars are subject to such a standard.


Note: When you hear the name "Rebar A2", know that it means "tread rebar 340" and "rebar A3" means "tread rebar 400", only the names remain the same, but their analysis and standard are completely different.







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